Friday Update

February 4, 2005 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I swear. If I do not get heartbroken soon, this blog is just going to die. Not to mention also because I am yet pissed again because I had been typing up this article for the past 30 minutes only to lose the whole text because I pushed the refresh button. I’m beginning to think this Friday is fucking jinxed. And to think I have my favorite hot tight shirt on from Cardin, my i-want-some-kink-on-your-sofa shirt, I call it.

This hasn’t been a good day for me. I started it late enough as it is, waking up at 10 am after an otherwise enjoyable evening with the Akbayan tropa, where we played a couple of rounds at the neighbourhood billiards, and mangled a couple of tunes until 2 am.

But on my way to the office this morning I discovered I had lost my ID, and the idea that I will now have to be extra nice to the security people in my building so they won’t hassle me for identification is just gnawing me in my mind.

And then I get to the office and find my computer (yes, this very same one) had been infected with a trojan virus. Crap.

And then I type up a witty entry on my blog and lose it all because of a single click of the button. And while I love his voice, Seal is currently singing ‘Prayer for the Dying’ and eventhough it’s a very positive song, the word dying is just sending shivers down my spine right now.

And to think this is a Friday night, that one night of the week when no one is supposed to be with no one. Damn it, if I had a boyfriend, this wouldn’t even be an issue. We’d be fucking our brains out by now. But in any case it’s just (ah screw this. let’s not go there.)

I swear. I have to find an object of desire and be able to write about something other than how shitty my day had been, or else I might just as well kill myself.

Anyway maybe I should just dumb me down some more and either play Insaniquarium or browse Friendster. Because obviously this is another one of those boring days when the itch to put something down is just so insistent, but with nothing to say I have become just another voice in a sea of a million voices with nothing much to say except that I’m just buying time till I can bug someone readily available to have coffee with me.


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