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On the outside, it’s easy to say ‘i need a date’ or ‘i want a boyfriend’. but hte turth is, i’m still smarting from the cascade of letdowns i went through last year. and i’m tired of it. the truth is, it’s going to take some time this time.

so in the absence of heartaches, the mind will have to travel a different path. when one reaches a point when nothing or no one inspires him, what else would there be to write about?

i take a look around me and realize i am surrounded by so many people with so many stories to tell. maybe it’s time to give space to those stories. those who seek love’s divine in their own private spaces, in their own quiet means.

and with that, the chronicles take son a different turn. one that is less self-absorbed and more observant. i had earlier tried to do that with articles like Settle or Search and Scarecrow. maybe the chronicles should be more about such tales.

so this is just to say that in between fits of self-centered rantings (like this one), the page sof the chronicles will now be open to the narratives of people with whom i am associated, people i care about and their own stories.

it’s time to elevate the chronicles to a higher level, to a world in which the peregrine is part of — a participant, observer and chronicler.


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