October 30, 2004 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

there are moments, rare as they are, when you just want to jump for joy. and tonight this is one of those moments. maybe it’s the dopamine rush from all that exercise i got from playing badminton earlier with tune and che, but i don’t know. maybe it’s better not to know. i’m enjoying the feeling while it lasts and i just wanted to put it down into words just so when i feel like i’m in the dumps one of these days, i will have this to look back to and hopefully get me right back up on my feet again. i’m just glad. taht’s all. even thoug there’s a lot fosex going on in this world and i’m not getting any of it, i’m happy. even though hearts are finding their way to some destination wit each passing minute, and mine hasn’t, i’m happy. even though people stress out over work, and i’m laging behind my schedules, i’m happy. even thoug i’m a spelling freak and this piece is littered with typos and i’m obsessing over my mis-cues, i’m happy. even though i have bills to pay and a tigt budget and i want to buy a new phone and i can’t, i’m happy. my friends haven’t turned into strangers. my home is still intact and my mom has just prepared a warm meal for me wen i get home, and work is challenging me to think more and more and learn more about the world i live in. i’m happy. it’s so fucking rare taht i feel this way and i hope it lasts just another hour or so. in any case, i’m thankful. i’m not exactly in good terms with god, but i’m tankful for moments like this. it’s so fucking rare. have you felt that way recently?


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